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Monumentum In Absentia Christi
No, Monumentum aren´t back and they haven´t released a new record, "In Absentia Christi" is a re-release of the highly acclaimed record from 1995. It´s Avangarde Doom and still considered to be "the most obscure album created on Italian land ever"and groundbreaking for this very genre. However that might be understood, this atmosphere ... more/mehr


Mooncry Legacy of Hope
The melodic metal band Mooncry from Southern Germany are around for only a year and have now released their debut album „Legacy of Hope“. The five guys from the Lake Constance area produced their first offering completely out of their own pockets. Their mission was to create an album out of a mix of symphonic and gothic metal, and ... more/mehr


Moonlight Agony Silent Waters
“Silent Waters” are far from a Swedish Power Metal band, with a very beautiful and promising name. Of course all the obvious Power-Metal jokes and comparisons to classics of the genre artists are hanging on the tips of my fingers but I resist. On the whole would say that if given a chance, this band and this album in particular ... more/mehr


MoonMadness All In Between
Some bands simply cannot deny their roots, and in this case the band fully embraces their influences and develops them further: Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Malmsteen, Dream Theater - these are the references that inevitably pop up in your mind when you listen to this Hammond Organ or this delicate guitar works... The addition of Prog ... more/mehr


Moonsorrow Verisäkeet
5 tracks, 70 minutes running time. That’s more than unusual and also a bit annoying; if you want to hear a certain part of a song again, you have to listen to the whole thing. That’s about all the criticism I have to offer, because what Moonsorrow presents here is first class.
With „Verisäkeet“, the five Finns have outdone ... more/mehr



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