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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Movement, The Revolutionary Sympathies
Well, it’s not to revolutionary what The Movement present here. But it’s definitely damn entertaining. Some nice garage punk with a little bit of ska to it, which doesn’t have to fear international competition. They probably don’t have too much new to offer (which seems odd in this genre) but those Danish obviously enjoy what they ... more/mehr


Mundtot Schatten
To be honest, I´ve never heard anything about Mundtot before. But I can tell you at least two things about the band nevertheless: it took them two years to release a follow-up record to their debut Spätsommer (Late Summer), titled Schatten (Shadow), and they play Indie/Alternative Rock. Their exclusively German lyrics, paired with ... more/mehr


Munruthel Epoch of Aquarius
Usually, I don´t make a lot of fuzz about re-releases but as I assume that the 2006 original is totally unknown in our region anyway, I gladly introduce Munruthel here. Which is the alias of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal legend Vladislav Redkin, who participated in more than 30 albums with various bands like NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ASTROFAES, ... more/mehr


Murderdome Rock´n´Roll Club Murderdome Rock´n´Roll Club
The band with an awfully complicated name, Murderdome Rock´n´Roll Club, was founded back in 2009 by five musicians from Kouvola. Their first aim was to put together a cover band and have some fun. But as time went by and the guys made some rocking original material as well, they decided it was time for a new band and eventually also ... more/mehr


MurkRat Drudging the Mire
For people, who think that, for some funny reason, they have lately felt a little too good and therefore urgently need something depressing, the Australian one-woman project MurkRat offers just the right thing. Mandy VKS Cattleprod and guest drummer Neil Dire deliver with their solution Drudging The Mire a gloomy but at the same ... more/mehr



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