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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Mystic Circle The Bloody Path Of God
Although "Bloody Path..." is not a bad album, Mystic Circle cannot convince me. A lot sounds unbalanced, the breaks are in the wrong places and a keyboard wave sweeps over everything. Or put that way: This mixture misses the point. The band – at the moment consisting of just two people – boasts with the fact that they were on tour ... more/mehr


Mystic Prophecy Savage Souls
The Germans Mystic Prophecy (with a Greek singer) offer a great Power Metal album named "Savage Souls". Heavy Riffs are skillfully combined with tunes, fast soli and tight drums.

Especially singer R.D. Liapakis is overall convincing with his variable and catchy vodal lines (just check out ´Master of Sins´ and "Savage Souls´). ... more/mehr


Mystic Prophecy Fireangel
MYSTIC PROPHECY did their 6th album, “make it or break it”. This formation, consisting of Germans and Greeks, invested lots of work in topping themselves this time. Especially singer R.D. Liapakis moved acousticly forward and puts himself in the front, he even doesn´t shy away from little experiments („Seven Souls“). His “Sidekicks” ... more/mehr


Mystigma Unzerbrechlich
With their 4th album „Unzerbrechlich“ and over 18 years of band history, Mystigma should be well known by now, at least in the German gothic scene. Three years after their last release, “Andagony”, fronter Torsten Bäumer and his boys are back with a new one. The beautiful artwork right away draws attention, which comes in especially ... more/mehr


Mythological Cold Towers The Vanished Pantheon
Welcome to Tales from the Crypt. The cover alone makes you wonder who is behind the third album of the Brazilians Mythological Cold Towers. If you walk down those dusty decaying stairway you enter the world of epic Doom-Metal. No song less than seven minutes that drags along and slowly creeps into your ears, no song without the feeling ... more/mehr



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