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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Potentiam Years In The Shadows
To play avantgarde metal is surely an art. If Potentiam are able to do so shall be discussed in the following review. The Icelandics release with “Years In The Shadows” their third album in about ten years of band history, which is linked with the fact that the band didn’t have a drummer for some time and therefore didn’t play music. ... more/mehr


Pothead Chaudičre
With „Chaudičre“ the German/American band offer their tenth studio album. This gives hope, because consequently the guys from Seattle have great musical experience.
Okay, the sound is absolutely not mainstream, but you have to get used to it. The opener is purely instrumental and boring as hell. You hope that this is just the ... more/mehr


Pothead Berlin 2010
Still the three Berlin Rock designers work on their twelfth studio production that - whispers in the streets tell so - will be named "Pottersville". But to sweetening the standby time they spread another live album into the crowd: "Berlin 2010", a recording of the concert 30th of January 2010 at the Huxley's Neue Welt in - where? ... more/mehr


Pothead Pottersville
The "Berlin" rock band has struck again. Good things come to those who wait well, it's called - and was true in this case. After a few more years waiting time becalmed by a live CD, the latest Pothead-scion Pottersville rotates on the turntable. And starts - funky, yeah! My system was accidentally set on neighboring killer ... more/mehr


Pothead Jackpot
The end of the world was not yet foreseen in 2012, so that remains to be said, the most important international sensation in the world was the filling of the vacant job of the drummer in the band of the weird weed pilots who call themselves Pothead. "I am a Berliner!" 1963 J.F.Kennedy said once, and everyone knew he was not, but ... more/mehr



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