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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Revolver Turbulence
If being mediocre was fattening, Revolver would be whales… This is again a case of „basically not bad but nothing really exciting”. Revolver play modern heavy Rockmusic with a little touch of Grunge (better: Pearl Jam). Yet there is no flaw in the songwriting of the band, still „ Trubulence“ cannot really take off. The songs play ... more/mehr


Rezurex Beyond the Grave
Rezurex are founded by former Punk- and Rockabilly-heroes from L.A. area. Therefore their debut sounds like a mix of those two styles that they simply named Psychobilly. It´s hard to believe, but this crossover definitely works out! It´s impossible to sit still, you just have to move and sing along. Great mixture, great songs, great ... more/mehr


Rhombus Open The Sky
The beginning of the year welcomes the release which comes from the north of England, quasi matching the amassing masses of snow called “Open The Sky” – a fine piece of atmospheric rock in the style of the 80th/90th. The first tunes suggest wave; the bass presents through the whole work a remarkable presence. Then the female singer ... more/mehr


Ribspreader Opus Ribcage
The prelude of the opus Ribcage from the collection of the Swedish death metal trio Ribspreader is first orchestrated as an acoustic intro which was probably meant to mislead the gentle listener because in the following acts the musicians advance a little more lively or as the artists themselves describe it, more “groovy” without, ... more/mehr


Richard Andersson´s Space Odyssey The Astral Episode
Name: Space Odyssey. Album title: The Astral Episode. Cover: Science Fiction look. The band's style: classic hard rock with the keyboard as the leading instrument. Sound bizarre? It's really not, the second album of this exceptional band didn't come from out of nowhere. It catches your ear immediately and it doesn't ... more/mehr



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