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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Rockefeller Junior Celebration Urban Alienation
After making music with his band, Thomas Gartler aka Rockefeller Junior delivered his solo album, “Celebrate Urban Alienation”, which unfortunately does not work for me at all. While the lyrics are really good, I don´t like the singing at all. Similar to Bob Dylan, Rockefeller Junior whines his way through the ten tracks on the album ... more/mehr


Rocket Uppercut This Beautiful Tragedy
„This Beautiful Tragedy“ is the debut album from Rocket Uppercut from Southern Germany. Indie rock with a retro flavour would probably describe the album best; the use of an organ accounts most notably for the retro character here. Apart from that, the sound is rather simply structured and thus the musical variety fell a little behind, ... more/mehr


Roger Glover If Life was Easy
Ladies (and Gentlemen), we all know that unfortunately all fun things in life are either illegal, unhealthy, make fat - or are way too expensive. Now finally here is one thing that is just fun - without all those mentioned side-effects! He had not released a solo album in 10 years, but now with the brand new "If Life was Easy" CD, ... more/mehr


Roger Stein Lieder ohne mich
With „Lieder ohne mich“ (Songs without me), Roger Stein releases his first solo album after four albums with his project “Wortfront”. I generally like Singer/Songwriters, it almost does not matter in which language they sing and so I am curious about anything on the market that I have not heard about. The album starts out well. The ... more/mehr


Rolling Stones, The A Bigger Bang
You got to hand it to the Stones: For a band who easily could have retired before some of us were even born and still would be considered one of the biggest bands ever, they still continue to make raw and catchy rock-music. A Bigger Bang makes no exception. Ok, in all fairness one must admit there’s nothing new on the album, but ... more/mehr



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