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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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M.A.D (Maniacal Area Damage) For Crown and Ring
With For Crown and Ring the four Germans from M.A.D, which stands for Maniacal Area Damage, release an album which leads us right back to good ol´ rock´n´roll. The guys already had the honour to share the stage with Paul Gilbert, Shakra and other bands. The music is simple but still convinces, here and there Jochen S. Bach´s voice ... more/mehr


M.A.N. Massive Audio Nerve
It’s well known: in Sweden – the country of dreamy grazing elks and silent lakes – some really violent brayers walk around, and M.A.N. demonstrates this irately with their new album “Massive Audio Nerve”. It must be because of the wrath which rise during the long, dark wintertime or because of the wish to get attention by roaring ... more/mehr


Machete, The Regression
„Regression“of the four Finn is a straight Trash album with modern direction. Not more and nothing less. Always the gas pedal on the limit, the sound rough, the guitars aggressive, high speed drumming and a varied singing from clean parts over Trash singing to hardcore shouts. Everything but unspectacular, but solid. Famous exception ... more/mehr


Machinae Supremacy Rise of a Digital Nation
That´s the bad aspect about downloads… no cover, no booklet with lyric sheets therefore I have no idea if the 4th Machinae Supremacy album is really built on a storyline like Queensryche´s Operation Mindcrime... but I had the impression that the songs are thematically connected and that this album is on the best way to become a legendary ... more/mehr


Machine Head Unto The Locust
Two STALKER, two opinions:
How should I put this? Machine Head´s new album sucks ass, it has the shittiest choruses of all time, the bluntest songs, the most disappointing vocal effecting, Kenny G AOR riffs that make Nickelback seem like the most hardcore band ever existed and vocal melodies that make Fred Durst look like a genius. ... more/mehr



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