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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Eisblut Schlachtwerk
Eisregen are dead, long live Eisblut. Bursche Lenz and M.Roth have searched some new companions and stylistically continue to Eisregen in “Krebskolonie” time. Conspicuous is the often used clear voice which makes the material various and fits great to the quite parts between the grindparts. Ok, the lyrics are still a matter of taste, ... more/mehr


Eisbrecher Antikörper
Here are real Industrial veterans at work. Singer Alexx and guitarist Noel Pix already had great success with Megaherz and they so they want to do with their new project Eisbrecher. The singing shows similarities with Rammstein or Oomph!, the music reminds one of Unheilig and Deathstars. The music of the latter can especially be ... more/mehr


Eisheilig Auf dem Weg in Deine Welt
Eisheilig´s new output sounds pretty calm. In comparison with "Eysium" this CD "Auf dem Weg in Deine Welt" has a totally different style. In terms of lyrics Eisheilig do not touch the topic of religion this time. Metal sounds and heavy guitars are missing, those elements that had Eisheilig stick out of the usual Goth stuff. A clean ... more/mehr


Ektomorf Instinct
One year has passed since four unknown Hungarians set an unbelievable groovemonster named “Destroy” loose on mankind and now, in 2005, the next level will be reached with the help of the killer album “Instinct”. The signs are good. “Instinct” is a logical improvement with the typical trademarks of a bastard somewhere between Sepultura ... more/mehr


Ektomorf Outcast
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr



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