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Edenbridge The Bonding
Almost three years after releasing their last record, the Austrian symphonic metal band EDENBRIDGE is now back with their new multifaceted record called “The Bonding“.

The opener song ”Mystic River“ is powerful, orchestral and refined with Gregorian chants, the latter being a real novelty for the Austrians. Topped off with ... more/mehr


EDENShADE The Lesson Betrayed
The most appealing aspects of this album are the artwork and track 10 - beautiful ballad “Day Zero”, so ignore the rest and put 10 on repeat. Edenshade deserves points for creativity and effort to really play something different, which sadly doesn´t succeed: progressive metal music and heavy growling don´t go hand in hand, sorry. ... more/mehr


Eden’s Curse Trinity
Two years has passed since Eden´s Curse released their last album “The Second Coming”. Now the multicultural band around American singer Michael Eden is ready to conquer the Melodic Metal world with their next album “Trinity”, again produced by long term engineer Dennis Ward (Krokus, Allen & Lande, Pink Cream 69). The line-up is ... more/mehr


Edge of Forever Another Paradise
Edge of Forever might be not quite unknown, as this is the third album of the Italians. Especially singer Alessandro Del Vecchio convinces with his clear and powerful voice, almost every song becomes ear candy, and you want to sing along immedieately. Those catchy guitar and keyboard sounds wrap up melodic and dramatic songs that ... more/mehr


Edge Of Thorns Masquerading of the Wicked
Incredible what Edge of Thorns offer with their second studio album, pretty much everything that a Metal heart longs for: very powerful Melodic Metal with epic influences, featuring speedy extremely heavy guitars, powerful drumming and keyboard melodies. The vocals are fascinating and diverse, you can hear Death Metal growls as ... more/mehr



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