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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Epigon insofern
Epigones are imitators, without original ideas. Why does a band call itself like that?- Maybe because of knowing that every kind of musical expression had been there before. And EPIGON know that.
However, EPIGON made a mixture of styles, like rock, funk, pop-music with real poetry, not only lyrics. It sounds good, what they made ... more/mehr


Epochate Chronicles Of A Dying Era
That´s an acoustical widescreen cinema movie about the final collapse of a wrecked civilisation – and “action”! Exploding capitals, above them mushroom clouds tell about the damnation – a bursting pathos of pompous orchestration mixed with rocking guitars and the prophecies about the end of the world: “And when the final course is ... more/mehr


Epoxies Stop The Future
Stop The Future - is that behind NO Future or does it go even further? Anyhow, the music of The Epoxies jumps far back in time. Their mixture of 80´s new wave and punk is certainly skillful and starts the memory machinery. This new wave punk sounds traditional and timeless all the same, which is quite a success. It's ... more/mehr


Epysode Obsession
Epysode is the new project of Virus IV guitarist Samuel Arkan. Basically, the idea behind the music of Epysode can be compared to what Avantasia do. With the help of numerous fellow musicians, they did an excellent concept album.

The story behind the songs is about a profiler. He tries to hunt down a mass murderer, who´s ... more/mehr


Equilibrium Turis Fratyr
Epic Viking Metal is what they call the genre, that Equilibrium from Munich present us on their debut album „Turis Fratyr“. Catchy song titles like „Wingthors Hammer“, „Heimdalfs Ruf“, „Widars Hallen“ and „Met“, adequately prepare the listener for this band’s sound. Synthesizer sounds bring across a medieval market atmosphere, while ... more/mehr



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