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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Eat Your Make-Up First Dinner
Honestly the band name is stupid, but the songs less, if you put out your feelers into something abnormal. Distraught Deathpunk in Batcave style from the four French expanded on more than 40 minutes. The weird is in his stage near to The Cramps or The Dwarves level. But also right is that the distraught howling from the singer Plag ... more/mehr


Eaten By Sheiks Our Last First Record
The first band that came to my mind, when I heard „Our Last First Album“ (Cool title concerning that it’s their fifth album!) was Fury In The Slaughterhouse, must be connected to the sound of the voice or something, but points nevertheless in a completely wrong direction. The 14 songs offer a broad variety of up to date alternative ... more/mehr


Ebony Ark When the City is Quiet
Everybody who is into atmospheric Metal ballads will find his taste echoed in the music of the Spanish Goth-Metallers EBONY ARK around singer Beatriz Albert. Hard to believe that there still exists a Metal band with a classically trained female fronter that doesn`t try to fit in the shopworn Nightwish / Within Temptation pattern. ... more/mehr


Eclectika Dazzling Dawn
For the reviewer it is extremely distressing to write a negative review about a newcomer band, although they are the ones who really need every kind of support. First of all: I am neither a Death Metal nor a Black Metal fan and I am certainly not a “production” professional. Nevertheless you could easily notice the lack of everything ... more/mehr


Eclectika Lure of Ephemeral Beauty
Well, this is another of those self-financed releases I´d like to praise. Music journalists do know how much love, work and money is put into any CD release. Still, flaws need to be mentioned, not only to be fair towards potential customers, but also to give the band some clues what they could improve next time.

The French ... more/mehr



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