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Evergreen Terrace Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise In This Business
This record will find a ready market. Not just among Simpsons fans in view of the bandname. On their second album the guys from Florida mix just about every style that ever drifted over the Atlantic: some punk here, some metal there, a pinch of alternative and of course a dab of hardcore. According to the label info, this is supposed ... more/mehr


Evergreen Terrace Wolfbiker
The “wolfbiker” is on its way to bring us kick-ass melodic hardcore punk straight outta Florida. Caution is advised! That kind of aural assault is especially useful in the morning to really get you going. With mean vocals and driving drums your auditory channels are attacked and you get a proper kick up your arse. The clean vocals ... more/mehr


Evershine Renewal
This band formed in Rome in 2001 now releases their debut album „Renewal“. Evershine dedicated themselves to Symphonic Power Metal. Bands like Stratovarius and Rhapsody of Fire have inspired the Italians since their beginning. This is easily to hear on their first record, indeed they add their own note, but it could be a bit more ... more/mehr


Everything at Once same
Everything at Once are THE new hopefuls in the area of hard rock music from Canada. Although they are something like superheroes in their home country and have more and more success, in Europe they are still pretty unknown. But now their Album with just the bandname as the title is also available here. And with this album the Canadians ... more/mehr


Evildoer Terror Audio
Evildoer is a new thrash/death attack from Sweden, that follows in the traditions of many successful bands. You can hear influences from bands like The Haunted, Terror 2000, Carnal Forge and last but not least Slayer. "Terror Audio" contains ten musical wrecking balls, characterised by speed and aggression. The five guys ... more/mehr



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