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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Enid Munsalvaesche
Well, sometimes you should read the CD info beforehand... or maybe not, because „unknowingly“ I wasn´t that off: „a mixture of soundtrack / drama / classic-orchestral medieval Metal / Gregorian Church chorals“, „a modern troubadour“. Enid alias Martin Wiese, who was recording this album pretty much all by himself, transformed the ... more/mehr


Enochian Theory Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio
The creation from scratch – that is, which could applied to the band itself, too, although they have already published an EP in 2007. But here we have the first full length album. With this production the three Brits work in all details very precisely, carefully and with devotion, acoustically as well as visually. From the fanciful ... more/mehr


Enshine Origin
Actually it´s absurd that you notice this certain sinister melancholy which is so typical for Finnish bands right with the first song “Stream of Light” - because the two artists behind this young project - Sébastien Pierre and Jari Lindholm – are not from Finland. One hails from France, the other from Sweden – well, OK, this is Northern ... more/mehr


Ensiferum Victory Songs
Actually I felt tempted to deliver the shortest review in STALKER history: Great! Buy it!
But at least I should explain why ...

Well, first, Ensiferum is one of the VERY few bands you can just go and buy the album without checking it beforehand. You will know what to expect: An exciting mixture of folklore tunes, folklore ... more/mehr


Ensiferum Unsung Heroes
Luckily, I received this CD weeks before its release, therefore I had time to make up my mind and also to feel some disappointment. The 2009 release “From Afar” was (and is) for me one of the most important works in the genre of Pagan/Viking Metal because everything seems solidly built, with grandiose melodies as well as orchestra ... more/mehr



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