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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Enslaved Riitiir
Already back in the 1990s, Enslaved abandoned familiar black metal concepts in order to explore more versatile and melodic forms of expression, but although I had been familiar with them for years and had a couple of their albums on my shelf, nothing could have prepared me for the impact with which Vertebrae hit me upon its ... more/mehr


Enslaved In Times
It´s been a quarter of a century since teenagers Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson set out on their musical quest, boldly pushing and soon overthrowing the boundaries of black metal. With each new album, Enslaved made strict genre classifications look a bit more ridiculous, but to the present line-up (which has now been together ... more/mehr


Ensoph Rex Mundi X-Ile
It looks like carnival but doesn’t sound like it at all. Allowedly the Venetian carnival a la Ensoph does have more in common with Halloween, the music is though much more challenging than expected. The guys from Venice committed themselves to X-treme metal and dressed it up with Gothic-, Industrial- and Elektro- elements. This results ... more/mehr


Entrails Tales From The Morgue
The entry into Tales From The Morgue is classic-creepy, soft keyboard sounds accompanied by scenes from a splatter movie: death cries, evil laughter – welcome to the horror show. The Swedes from Entrails, and that´s mainly guitarist and mastermind Jimmy Lundqvist, take their „dödsmetall“ dead serious! Death lurks everywhere, in the ... more/mehr


Entwine Rough n´ Stripped
A hint for those who might have been disappointed with the latest HIM output: Finnish melancholic Goth Metallers Entwine has released their first-ever compilation album entitled Rough n’ Stripped. And they indeed offer value for money! 2 CDs or 2 h of original versions - including irresistible hits like Chameleon Halo, Surrender, ... more/mehr



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