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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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End Of You Unreal
A hot new act from cold North: Finding each other via internet (!) in 2004, those five guys seem optically just grown out of their diapers.Yet musically they leave no doubt about their maturity. Electronic-Goth shifting between Rock-Pop-categories, very melancholic (well, they are Finnish...), with a husky velvet voice that rather ... more/mehr


Endstand Burning Bridges
False labeling!!! Judging from the cover one could expect some death or black metallic sounds but what emerges here is a modern punk/ hardcore hybrid. Alright, after you have stomached this first confusion you can find the music you hear quite acceptable. It rocks pretty hard, is properly but not too cleanly produced and has one ... more/mehr


Enemy Of The Sun Shadows
Enemy Of The Sun, one of many bands of Waldemar Sorychta, just released a really ambivalent album. Partially it sounds really great, especially when Shadows reminds the audience on System Of a Down, like the second track Burning Bridges. But their songs are not nearly as extreme as it is the case with SoaD. The album sometimes gives ... more/mehr


Enemynside In the Middle of Nowhere
Enemynside are a young and talented band from Italy, playing Heavy Metal with some Thrash Metal parts. There idols are noone else than the four horsemen. Well, ``In the Middle of Nowhere`` will actually not compete with the classics of the Metallicats, but we are actually taking of one of the biggest and most succesful metal band ... more/mehr


Engel Raven Kings
Engel is In Flamesī guitarist, Niklas Engelinīs, second band. Raven Kings is its fourth release. Genre-wise, itīs somewhere between Melodic Death Metal and the modern In Flames sound. Those who expect clear Gothenborg-style Metal will, however, be disappointed. Also, even if you donīt have any expectations, you will actually be disappointed ... more/mehr



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