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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Eternal, The Sleep Of Reason
Does Gothic Rock always have to sound the same? The Eternal obviously listened to all recent Paradise Lost CDs and liked them. Add the usual touch of Depeche Mode, and then you get gloomy band number 7986451. Who needs that? Simply nobody. Especially because all those intros continuously stretched into infinity get on your nerves, ... more/mehr


Ethersens Your Wandering Ghost
Hearing something new from a metal band from such a not-so-metal country as France is always a surprise worth having a closer look, but the new release from ETHERSENS titled ´Your wandering ghost´ has more to it than just its rarity.

As the band claims, the material of the new album is based on the personal emotions of ... more/mehr


Even Vast Teach Me How To Bleed
Italians thoroughly understand it to create good Gothic Metal with female vocals, just see e.g. Lacuna Coil. That there are also average or below average representants of this group, is shown by those three gentlemen plus a front women from Even Vast. 40 minutes that never surprise you at any moment. Everything heard before, and ... more/mehr


Everblame Frantic
Four years are in-between „Frantic“ and the last album „Sina“ of the guys of Everblame hailing from Ludwigshafen, Germany. After performances at the festivals Rock am Ring and Hurricane, they should be familiar to quite a few. I, actually, have never heard of the band before.

The first song, “Pessimistic Poem Pirate”, is ... more/mehr


Evereve Tired & Failed
I've always had my issues with Evereve. Not that I thought these dark rockers sucked, but they weren't exactly good either. Mediocre and average. This hasn't changed now that they have added more gothic and Depeche Mode elements. "Tired & Failed" is just as mediocre as its predecessor, no failures and ... more/mehr



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