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Equimanthorn Exalted are the 7 throne bearers of Ninnkigal
This band, that could easily compete and perhaps win in the categories “unpronounceable band name” and “longest CD title”, features members of Absu, The Soil Bleed Black and Melechesh. The fourth album was inspired by sounds of the Middle East, instrumentation and rhythms from traditional Arabic/African music, combined with modern, ... more/mehr


ER France The Great Escape
ER France - Indiepoprockpunkchanson? Already the first tunes from the new album "The Great Escape" make you feel like on a time yourney moderately set back in the early 80s. A time in which the B-52s and other trippy underground bands went in Petticoat on the dance floor of the New Wave and merged it with the glaze ... more/mehr


Eric Bibb LIVE ŕ FIP
Mister ERIC BIBB recorded a Live-Album, which is not re-recorded and offers a real treat fans and the ones who want to be. A fabulous sound turns the 90 minutes on this 2 double-cd into a maximum musical enjoyment. ERIC BIBB is Blues and he shows this on LIVE Ŕ FIP. Not even melancholic, but soulful and some kind of warming, just ... more/mehr


Eric Bibb Deeper in the Well
The US-American blues musician Eric Bibb releases with Deeper In The Well his latest album. To make one thing clear from the beginning: Those who are not into soft blues/traditional folk should stay well clear of this album.

What a creative, unique album, Mr. Bibb. Well, it took less than ten years for Eric Bibb to make ... more/mehr


ErilaZ First of the Vortices
Industrial metal is not something I´m terribly familiar with, but when the opportunity arose to check out the Finnish industrial metal group ErilaZ, I was game. First of the Vortices is the first release from the band that was originally a one man project, founded already back in 2005. The band´s music combines industrial metal with ... more/mehr



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