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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Elace Me
Melancholic Old School Synthie Pop from Hamburg: After touring with German De/Vision they are working on a sound that retro 80s New Wave feel connects with contemporary programming. While musically related bands like De/Vision or Depeche Mode are looking for some experimental, innovative style and composing methodes, Elace work more ... more/mehr


Elected, The Sun, Sun, Sun
Right to the beginning some facts to The Elected: it is a sideproject of Blake Sennett, the head of the indie rocker Rilo Kiley, and "Sun, Sun, Sun " is the second album of the project. So now to the musical side, the mane the whole elevatormusic would not be fair to some classics of the easy listening. It is simply insignificant ... more/mehr


Electric Boys And Them Boys Done Swang
Sometimes, life is just not fair. On the one hand, there are 80s rock bands, who are partly more known for their lifestyle than for their music, enjoy a hype and can be sure of having another bestseller with their tenth book about their drug antics. And then there are 80s rock bands, who come up with music that is really inventive ... more/mehr


Electric Eel Shock Beat Me
These three guys from Japan play music like Pokamon, they shoot electric shock as Pikachu does. EES is a very energetic powerful punk rock band. They are running their life with full power. We can feel and get their energy from their punk rock´n´roll. Songs are influenced by AC/DC, Twisted Sister and so on. Sounds are ... more/mehr


Electric Eel Shock Sugoi Indeed
Not necessarily everything, that comes from Japan is J-Rock and not everything is poppy, pink and shrill - even though you might get an impression like this, when reading something of "three completely mad Japanese guys". EES are rocking through their new album "Sugoi Indeed" in a fresh and sometimes pretty rough manner and this ... more/mehr



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