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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Epica The Score - An Epic Journey
Nowadays you already learn as a child: stuff with the „Green Dot“ goes to the yellow garbage bag, vegetable matters to the bio-waste container, bottles to another container, paper to the blue container and everything else to the grey one. And the stuff with the „Green Dot“ is said to be recycled. If Epica have understood that? „The ... more/mehr


Epica The Divine Conspiracy
With The Divine Conspiracy those young Dutchmen release their fourth album. In the beginning of this year it was already clear that Epica made their breakthrough because then they signed with Nuclear Blast, where colleagues like Nightwish and other acts with tender female voices are at home. The Divine Conspiracy takes Epica back ... more/mehr


Epicurean A Consequence Of Design
EPICUREAN was founded in 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chaotic Live-Performances and an unusual sound are a trademark of this band. 2007 they got a deal with MBR, and now EPICUREAN´S debut „A Consequence Of Design“ is now also released in Europe. It is difficult to put them into a category as different Metal styles are united. ... more/mehr


Epidemic Earth Penitentiary / The Man That Kills Himself
Our current STALKER Fresh Act can already present an impressive discography, although it´s only about self-made demos and singles. “Evil Against Evil” 2005, from where also the new (re-recorded) Single “Then” is taken, and those CDs I received, “Earth Penitentiary” (2006 Demo) and “The Man That Kills Himself” (2006 Single). The ... more/mehr


EPIGENE A Wall Street Odyssey
First impression, visually: a beautiful album. A rock opera as a double CD packaged in an elaborate cover with a 46-page booklet inward, where a beautiful in a naive style drawn comic (by Seattle artist Tom Swanson) accompanies the narrative story.

The sound, acoustically: superb mix, bright spatiality, each instrument - ... more/mehr



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