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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Heaven´s Basement Filthy Empire
Aaron Buchanan and his band are only now, in 2013, publishing their very first album, which is hard to believe once you take a look at where and with whom the British band has already toured during the past years. On this album, the band presents their very best side and exceeds the wildest expectations.

With every single ... more/mehr


Heavy Ride Heavy Ride
In 2009, the German quartet Heavy Ride won a school jam competition - since then, a lot has changed. With the exception of lead guitarist Josef Blöchl, all old band members were switched for new ones: Florian Seemann now fills the position of singer and rhythm guitarist, Johannes Puschmann took over the drums and David Stich is playing ... more/mehr


hed) pe Back To Base
Who knows the last (hep)pe album “Only in America” will be surprised from the new more relaxed album “Back To Base”. Here is a lot inside. Reggae, orientalic rhytms, punkrock, funk, noise, hip hop and breaks that sometimes also reminds of Kiss or Willy Nelson. Also the content of the lyrics vary, some fun lyrics like “Lock And Load” ... more/mehr


Hegemon Contemptus Mundi
The band Hegemon is known in the underground and released their third album with Season of Mist´s Sublabel Activist Division, following the same direction of the previous cds. Those French guys just play Old School Black Metal with influences from Norway, without screaming female voices or dominant keyboards. Sometimes there are ... more/mehr


Hel Orloeg
Many Black Metal-Fans might feel moved to tears now: „Orloeg“, HEL´s first full length output from 1999 and sold out since then, has been re-released. With neat new design, mix and mastering and re-recording of some tracks. The duo Balds and Skaldir, who follow the footsteps of Bathory or early Ulver, also recorded two bonustracks, ... more/mehr



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