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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Raptor School Redefined
Raptor School, humph! Sounds a bit strange already. The album cover, apparently done with the most basic digital painting programme, ouch! Then the music starts…not so bad as the band name and the cover suggests. According to the band biography, the influences range from U2 over Slipknot to Iron Maiden but it´s mostly the NWOBHM ... more/mehr


Ratt Infestation
Also in the Hard Rock / Glam Metal field there are so many cult bands that you can`t know them all, like "Ratt" whose heyday were already over in the beginning of the 1990s. But now there is a new album "Infestation", and I can listen to this album totally free from both prejudices and expectations.

No "just sit and listen ... more/mehr


Ratzmataz Global Revolution
The current Glam/Hair Rock/Sleaze wave in Europe is mainly ruled by bands from Scandinavia, especially from Sweden and Finland. But also from Germany and the UK, more and more bands are rising, who commit the good old ´organised Hair Crime´. Now, there is a country, which one might not necessarily have on the radar, when it comes ... more/mehr


Raunchy Wasteland Discotheque
The Danish are back in the ring! First running up, then taking aim and finally an absolutely precise punch straight to the face! Raunchy 2008 are stronger than ever before! Driving guitar riffs (“Wasteland Discotheque”), thunderous drumming (“Straight to Hell”) and catchy melodies (“Warriors” or “The Bash”) are perfectly combined. ... more/mehr


Raunchy A Discord Electric
The Danish Raunchy are some exceptional band. Exceptional because it seems that they do not have any problems in arranging the oppositional styles and songs with really tough, aggressiv riffs on the one side and absolutely sweet, almost-pop melodies on the other side. And I have never found a band that managed to integrate clean ... more/mehr



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