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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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My Fate MMVI
Seven years in the service of Metal, 2 CDs and 2 MCDs written, recorded, produced and released by the band, now the quintet from Tampere attempts a new start with their fifth – elaborately designed – output, featuring a new singer Jukka Ruostila, who according to band info ended up with MyFate just by chance. His wide range of expression ... more/mehr


My Flea Circus Flee Flaa Floo
A flea circus and an elephant on the cover – it seems like we`re dealing with an animal-loving band here. And what goes nicely with kinda cute animals, exactly right, little children – please note the album title, the CD itself is lovingly drawn with colored pencils and on top of it there`s Red Metal Gretel on mic and guitar and ... more/mehr


My Glorious Home is where the heart breaks
A trio from Vienna gives us their due and the guys want success and glory. I guess both things are not impossible, but it would be hard.
The Twins Gregor and Paul and their singer and guitarist Sami Fischer founded MY GLORIOUS in the year 2008, after their band FRESH split. Fresh was touring all over Europe, and MY GLORIOUS was ... more/mehr


My Hero Died Today From Our Cold Dead Hands (Complete Discography)
My Hero Died Today is a Hardcore-Band from the 90s that split up in 2000 because of personal differences. 5 ½ years later, all bandmembers have other projects like Boy Sets Fire, Paint The Twon Red and Flyswatter, they release, no not just a Best of- but the complete Discographie with all songs that the band ever recorded and a previously ... more/mehr


My Minds Weapon The Carrion Sky
„The Carrion Sky“ is the debut album from My Minds Weapon and what you get here is everything else but rotten. The Scots unite old school metal with “new school” (metalcore) and manage to keep a certain accessibility. The vocals of singer Ben Timpson are diverse and range from growls to clean vocals for the chorus; his strength being ... more/mehr



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