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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Manitou The Mad Moon Rising
Never judge a book by its cover. After making your way through the crappy wordplay of the title and the characterless opener, the musical excretion of these guys from Finland gets really interesting. Their music can be described best as melodic metal with some progressive influences without any platitudes like endless use of exotic ... more/mehr


Manitou Deadlock
Well, I was totally wrong with that! I unpacked the CD and thought: "Cool, a new Deadlock CD." But that was a misconception, because not the band, but the CD is named Deadlock. Right after putting the CD on you would notice the mistake anyway, because this here is Melodic Metal at its best and nothing like Deadlock’s dark sounds. ... more/mehr


Manntis Sleep In Your Grave
TV-Junkies might know Manntis as the five guys from California ran in the „Battle for Ozzfest“ contest that was on MTV last year. Although they didn’t win it they now present their first album. Yet the term „album“ is too much, because „EP“ would have been much more suitable for an output offering less than half an hour playing time. ... more/mehr


Manolo Panic Helpless & Strange
Swiss band Manolo Panic presets their debut album “Helples & Strange” and comes across neither very helpless nor strange in doing so. They offer strong Indie Rock with catchy melodies to dance to and lyrics that invite the listener to pay attention. The music has all the right qualities to get stuck in one´s head and the lyrics all ... more/mehr


Manufacturer`s Pride Sound of God`s Absence
If you take a closer look at the line up of Manufacturer`s Pride, you quickly recorgnize that they are playing with two synthies, but only one guitar. This is a fact that you can really hear in the sound of the sextet. Dark synthies and ambiences, combined with heavy guitar riffs create an atmosphere full of coldness, desperation ... more/mehr



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