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Nightshade The Beginning of Eradication
Nightshade are a new band from France, playing something between Death and Thrash Metal with some parts of Hardcore. From the first minute on, it is quite obvious that groove and rhythm is more important for them than speed. In my opinion this is a plus because many hyperspeed records are not heavy, they are simply boring. As well ... more/mehr


Nightwish Highest Hopes - The Best Of Nightwish
Nightwish, Nightwish, and then some more Nightwish... The name alone is a guarantee to great success. Whatever these Finns do, it simply works. Therefore it's not so surprising that record companies flock around this band to try and get their hands on a share of the money machine. In front of me I have "Highest Hopes", ... more/mehr


Nightwish Dark Passion Play
Nightwish had with “Once” a huge success, after that they split with singer Tarja Turunen. Now, approximately two years later, itīs finally time for the new album and a new singer. And to say it right away, this album is a hit, with songwriter Tuomas Holopainen in his best form. It starts with the grandiose epic “The Poet And The ... more/mehr


Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Since Tarja Turunen was kicked out of the band, Nightwish released two more or less great albums: Dark Passion Play in 2007 was the most bombastic and advanced album of the band yet. It shines with a lot of variety, without losing too much of its focus, and sounds, therefore, quite homogenous. In 2011, the band released Imaginaerum, ... more/mehr


Nihilo Nyktophobia
Nihilo are definitely one of the best Deathmetal newcomers in Switzerland. Those five guys from Kanton Bern put so much energy in their music, so that itīs impossible not to get affected. Nyktophobia is Nihiloīs first self-made CD, recorded in Farpoint Studio by Alain Stucki. Besides melodic riffs Nihilo feature the real good singer ... more/mehr



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