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Norther Till Death Unites Us
The album "Till Death Unites US":

As soon as the first few notes of the opening song "Throwing My Life Away" blast from the CD player, it is clear that Norther isn’t resting on its laurels. wird schnell klar, dass sich Norther kein bisschen auf ihren Lorbeeren ausruhen. Already with their previous album ... more/mehr


Norther N
After the release of "Dreams of endless war" (2002) Norther quickly ended in the "sounds like Children of Bodom" corner, a phenomenon well know to a lot of Finnish bands (mostly in the Gothic genre, where every band of course sounds like HIM). How difficult it is to get rid of that almighty shadow showed the following releases. Even ... more/mehr


Northern Discipline Burn-Beaten Soil
The guys got their inspiration to form the band in 1996 because of Machine Head´s „Burn My Eyes“, and the traces of their idols can still be heard. But with their Debut „Burn-Beaten Soil“ found the Finns to their own style that is much more rooted in their nation´s Metal scene. More midtempo-Metal, their raw power reminds ... more/mehr


Northern Kings Reborn
Cover albums are always a matter of taste. Either you like it or not. If the main theme are the 80es, it gets even more difficult. A lot of songs have already been covered, and the question "Do I really need the 10th version of ´Rebel Yell´?" pops up.

More interesting is it when you take a look behind the scenes of this ... more/mehr


Northland - same -
Northland from Spain release their debut album here, and mastermind Pau M. Had to endure a lot of setbacks in previous years before got the band on track. Constant line up changes and a split-up doesn´t make it easier to make a mark in the business. Before that I haven´t heard a Spanish band that makes this kind of music, and musically ... more/mehr



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