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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Nifelheim | Volcano Thunder Metal
Quite fun. Just about what you can expect from an album entitled “Thunder Metal”. Bringing Old Nick into the lyrics puts a little smile on my face, and this time I got a little giggle.

Everything came together very well -drums, guitars, vocals- the package was wrapped in a nice little Satanic bundle. The changes in rhythm ... more/mehr


Night Demon Curse of the Damned
Night Demon are, at the moment, very successful in Europe, especially in Germany, touring mostly smaller clubs. But they also easily vow bigger crowds, like, for instance, at the Metal Assault festival, where they outplayed better known bands. Back in 2012, the three Californians from Ventura (by the way also home to Cirith Ungol) ... more/mehr


Nightmission No Saints In Black
When you mix Metallica’s black album with Bon Jovi’s „Keep The Faith“ you get Nightmission.
A good mix between heavieness and melody combined with a not so clean production. It could also be taken as a mid 90’s Metallica album from the vocal performance.
Not a bad cd but not the best either. It sounds like this band maybe ... more/mehr


Nightrage Wearing a Martyr`s Crown
If your are listening to ``Wearing a Martyr`s Crown``, will actually not believe, that this band has its roots in Greece. In fact, Nightrage were founded in 2000 by two Greeks Marios Iliopoulos and Gus G (former Mystic Prophecy, now Firewind). Meanwhile, after the exit of Gus and several line up changes, Marios has gathered a bunch ... more/mehr


Nightrage The Puritan
Nightrage are originally from Greece - originally because there is only one Greek left in the band: founder and guitar player Marios Iliopoulos. This has been Marios´ sixth Nightrage release since 2003 - a quite large number. And large is also the number of former band members, involved with the albums: it´s 11. Also this time, there ... more/mehr



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