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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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New Device Here We Stand
New Device are still quite unknown in Germany and elsewhere, even Wikipedia does not know a thing about them. But in their homeland, Great Britain, it looks quite different. And this is because the guys have already been on tour with the likes of Bon Jovi, Bullet For My Valentine and the Backyard Babies. But things will certainly ... more/mehr


New Generation Superstars Rock ´n´ Roll or Die
Nottingham rockers New Generation Superstars are releasing their 3rd album “Rock ´n´ Roll or die“, staying true to their “no frills, no fuss, just pure energy” approach to music, which is somewhere between Rock and Punk. The drums are loud, the guitars are distorted, and the choruses can easily be sung or screamed along.

This ... more/mehr


Nick Hellfort The Mask Within
I honestly have to say that I, so far, haven´t heard anything of Nick Hellfort – nor of its founder Nicolaj Ruhnow, who is also the singer of Tokyo Blade and Domain. His debut record “The Mask Within” is, already for a longer time, ready to be released but because of his commitments to Tokyo Blade, Ruhnow´s solo project had to be ... more/mehr


Nickelback Dark Horse
Well, finally they got it! Since previous albums had lacked "teeth" and cool songs, NICKELBACK now pull their socks up and show us some special features as well!

From the very melodic Opener “Something In Your Mouth”, the groovy “Gotta Be Somebody” up to “Never Gonna Be Alone” they absolutely rock. Technically advanced and ... more/mehr


Nidingr Sorrow Infinite And Darkness
First something important: Who manages to pronounce the band name perfectly, and who doesn´t belong to the band´s periphery, can have this promo CD. Please send me contributions in mp3 format via e-mail.

The music: Those (of course) Norwegians play (of course) Black Metal with some Death Metal elements, and the vocals sound ... more/mehr



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