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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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No Turning Back Holding On
With their third opus the Dutchmen open their world tour, which has begun at the end of October. That is the reason why this record has been released worldwide, so that nobody has to miss this well-made Hardcore. In 14 tracks full of speed, loudness, hardness and groove the quintet proves that it has good experience in playing their ... more/mehr


No Use For A Name Keep Them Confused
Ready for retirement? Not at all! The melody-core veterans of NUFAN will not only be celebrating their (20th!) band anniversary soon, but they are also once again presenting some traditional quality skate-punk on "Keep Them Confused": several melodic voices with a relatively high pitch, harmonic riffs and fast beats - that's ... more/mehr


Nobelpenner Meinten Sie Nibbelpeter
Well, the guys from Hamburg call themselves NOBELPENNER. My expectations for the album “Meinten Sie Nibbelpeter”were accordingly high but they were that decent not to call themselves kings.

I was curious. Well then disillusion came… The album is not bad for sure, but it is not as good as said in the bands info-box. The ... more/mehr


Nocte Obducta Aschefrühling (Single)
After the shocking end of Nocte Obducta “Aschefrühling” is the last but one release of this Black Metal band. The farewell album shall follow in this year´s winter. The sextet around singer Torsten proves one more time that they belong to the German Black Metal elite. However, there only two tracks on this single, but they have a ... more/mehr


Noctiferia Slovenska Morbida
From Slovenia – Laibach? No, a new export makes the player shaking: NOCTIFERIA. In the first 20 seconds you lay back and think about a quiet electro-industrial relax, but all in a sudden the speakers shoot the full metal. Extrem-metal they say, well, it´s fast, aggressive, behind the overheating guitars electronical.

If ... more/mehr



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