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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Blind Guardian At the Edge of Time
Four years passed by since the last soccer world championships, four years passed by since the last Guardian release – it seems as Guardian have meanwhile figuered out their release rhythm. If somebody needs such a long time to complete a work, he certainly has to convince with quality – and this especially in a such fast living ... more/mehr


Blind Guardian A Twist in the Myth

What happens every four years? Soccer WC. National elections. Olympic Games. And Blind Guardian release a new album. A long time, especially in music business, but it´s worth it. Instead of playing it safe, the guys from Krefeld devolop further and further with every record and hardly stick to the approved. Luckily with their ... more/mehr


Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror
I have to admit, whenever Blind Guardian release a new album I’m excited like a kid at X-mas. So, headphones on and off we go. After the first run, I am, however, a bit disappointed: With the opener “The 9th Wave”, “The Prophecy” and “The Holy Grail”, only three songs stick to my brain. After a few more runs, it’s still the same, ... more/mehr


Blind Passengers Timemachine 1992 – 2005 2CD
This is it. Blind Passengers are a thing of the past. Another innovative electro-rock band comes to an end. When you listen to CD1 of the digi pack you can't help but wonder: "This is all she wrote. But there are certainly more ideas to explore." Too bad, because songs like "Walking to Heaven", "Born ... more/mehr


Blind Stare Symphony Of Delusions
This makes clear once again why Children Of Bodom and In Flames have such a special position: there's a little more to it than combining some melodies with staccato riffs and grunting vocals. This "symphony" is so simply, not to say cheaply, put together and sounds like it could double as a chamber concert for tuba ... more/mehr



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