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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Backyard Babies Tinitus / Live Live in Paris
The Babies as we know them! Razing guitars meet driving drums plus fronter Nicke Borg´s pleasantly throaty voice. That´s punk rock! Sadly, there are no new compositions on „Tinitus“. In principle this is not more than a best-of compilation although all songs were re-recorded. As some kind of comfort the album is upgraded to a doublet. ... more/mehr


Bad Luck Rides On Wheels 1st album
Are you fed up by all the same stuff that´s being released? If so, you should maybe lend Bad Luck Rides On Wheels your eyes and ears. This is the perfect records for fans of damn heavy stuff, that´s hard to consume and that is slowly but continuously shoveling it´s way into your ears and brain. Mell Dettmer, who has already produced ... more/mehr


Bad Machine Motörfreakout
This is a four piece band from Finland. Speed rock punk with Motörhead is Bad Machine´s style. Feels like a driving open car and playing this album, and go faaaaaaast! They are touring and touring in Europe and USA with many different bands, and gaining more experience. Speedy punk rock sounds with their young energy from audio player ... more/mehr


Badmachine Surfin´ in the city
Those Finnish punk rock’n’roll heatseekers found each other in 1999 and have released two long play CDs so far, although "long play" in this case is relative, 25 min is for my taste a little bit short... Especially if the sound those four guys from Helsinki is quite appealing. A mixture of straight forward Ramones "hei ho" Old School ... more/mehr


Bai Bang All Around The World
The glam / sleaze rock oldie from Sweden is back and with their latest release „All Around The World“. They followed the same path the band was on since they started in the late 80´s: Party music with no serious depth, but tons of well-played, dirty fun. Already by the opening track „Everybody Everywhere“ and self titled „Bai Bang“ ... more/mehr



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