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Black Daliah Murder, The Nocturnal
Also in 2007 the murder case of the „black dahlia“ will remain unsolved, but instead the guys from The Black Dahlia Murder from Detroit take us on a journey to the pitch-black abysses of the human soul. Especially vocalist Trevor Strnad does everything to make this trip as unforgettable as possible. Thus he switches, seemingly effortlessly, ... more/mehr


Black Label Society Kings Of Damnation
Inevitably like with every label change also Zakk Wylde´s Black Label Society get their obligatory cross section through their career from the time at Spitfire. If that makes any sense remains to be seen; the song choice is in any case all right for newcomers. For fans and collectors this double CD offers only little consumer appeal ... more/mehr


Black Light Discipline Empire
Finland is not quite well known for its Industrial/Goth/Electro-Metal bands, and I would not call myself a fan of that genre, but this band could change both of those facts. OK, the band name for some reason demands more brain-acrobatics to be remembered - so do their label and genre colleagues Turmion Kätilöt - and some lyrics might ... more/mehr


Black Light Discipline Aggressor (Single)
The Finnish Electronic/Goth scene is pretty small, with Black Light Discipline representing one of its pillars. Yet this is not the only reason why it´s worth to lend an ear to this band, and their new single is an opportunity to do so. Black Light Discipline simply have this feeling for combining aggressive rhythms, heavy guitars, ... more/mehr


Black Light Discipline Against Each Other
"Against the World" is what the Finns Black Light Discipline are chanting in the opening track of the new album - well, I guess they won´t face too much resistance ... This second full-length CD "Against Each Other" continues the style of the impressive "Empire" debut, with captivating Industrial beats, powerful Metal riffs and melodies ... more/mehr



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