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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Born From Pain In Love With The End
NY-hardcore meets metal: Heavy riffs, groovy beats and the powerful voice of singer Che form the basis of the already third album of this band. Here and there they added some solos that make you dizzy. All ten songs are very in-your-face and brutal. With their mixture of metal-like mosh parts and lyrics screamed hardcore style they ... more/mehr


Born From Pain Survival
Blimey! How can you be so uncompromisingly brutal? Once again Dutch Born From Pain managed to serve a real blast with their newest output "Survival". The name says it all, this album is a "Survival" in the truest sense of the word. On the one hand every listener can be glad if he survives this madness (especially at a gig) ... more/mehr


Born of Sin Imperfect Breed of Humanity
In the last years, Born of Sin performed already some support shows for bands like Dismember, Sabaton and Evergrey and they were able to leave a good impression. Now, they are releasing their first full-length album called ``Imperfect Breed of Humanity``. Although not everything is perfect on this one, it is far away from being imperfect! ... more/mehr


Bornholm March For Glory And Revenge
Bornholm are not, as you might expect because of the name, from Scandinavia - but from Hungary. The band was founded in 2000 and released their first album "On The Way Of The Hunting Moon" in 2005. Again it took quite a while to have another album out. Why they chose the name of the Danish Island Bornholm as band name: Some Longobards ... more/mehr


Bourbon Flame Bourbon Flame
Creaking hard rock and visions of Whisky drinking rockers in tight 80s cloths come to your mind, if you listen to the debut "Bourbon Flame" from the homonymous band hammering out of the speakers.
The sound is not very clean, but that`s just the way it should be, but the label goes a little bit too far by comparing the ... more/mehr



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