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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Bleed From Within Humanity
An ass-kicking sound is given to us by BLEED FROM WITHIN, who do no compromise in the eleven songs on this record. Without a doubt this is a heavy Hardcore album. Such an inferno does not need more than half an hour, so BLEED FROM WITHIN did a good job as far as this is concerned. Although some lame parts found their way into the ... more/mehr


Bleed The Sky Paradigm In Entropy
Aggression vs melancholy: the debut album of this sextet from Calefornia sounds like a contradiction in terms. The guys use a lot of death metal melodies and really kick around the different elements of the genre. Brutal drumming with heavy riffs and aggressive growling are alternated with clean vocals. Nothing very new, but definitely ... more/mehr


Bleeding Red Evolution´s Crown
Damn and sorry for the delay, dear bloodforcers. An apology because I neglected this little gem for way too long. Rather accidentally, it managed to sneak into my player somehow and now it easily ousts my so-far-favourites with extremely big balls, respect!

Bleeding Red is the name of the German band whose members are just ... more/mehr


Bleeding Through The Truth
The next big thing – that´s how it looks like for them. The British music press obviously seems to like them and also over here the US metallers from Bleeding Through attract some attention. On their new album „The Truth“ (which, by the way, features an exceptionally disgusting artwork) they stomp with a mighty step through the metalcore ... more/mehr


Blind Ego Numb
BLIND EGO is an conglomeration of a few musicians from the rock and metal scene ( Igor Cavalera, Paul Wrightson, John Jowitt, Sebastian Harnack, Michael Schwager, and Yogi Lang).

Kalle Wallner, member of RPWL, has gathered the guys the second time in the studio, to advance his project BLIND EGO. And he did it well, just ... more/mehr



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