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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Boomhauer Me Think Ok!
17 Songs in hardly 37 minutes (!) - that's a warning in and of itself. It offers: garage sound in general, particularly the sound quality, and then a little bit of everything; from blues to speed rock to ballads. None of this really works, and to top it off they try to sound like The Velvet Underground, which is rather a crime... ... more/mehr


Boozed Tight Pants
Snot rock from the first to the last minute – fun galore! Their influences range from punk over blues to southern and alternative. The second album from the band from Osnabrück was produced by Claus Grabke which already tells you a lot about the quality of the quintet. Altogether the guys sound a lot more mature as their youthful ... more/mehr


Borealis Purgatory
Although this is Borealis´ 3rd album already, they are still quite unknown in the scene, at least in Europe. The reason might be their home country, Canada, which is not exactly the mecca for Heavy Metal bands.

After listening to “Purgatory” multiple times, I am sure that this circumstance will change soon. This is not ... more/mehr


Boris Gott Bukowski-Land
„Bukowski Land“ by Boris Gott was produced and recorded by him and bass player Stefan Zacharias at Studio 27 in Dortmund, and the focus is obviously the lyrical aspect of music. Texts like „give me booze and cocaine, life stinks, I need perfume“ or song titles like „Borderline Blues“ indicate that this is an artist who gives clear ... more/mehr


Borknagar Universal
With its acoustic sounds the last Borknagar output was a more or less quiet one but with “Universal” the Norwegian guys are back at full force. Along with Borknagar are again two former companions: Jens Ryland (g) and Jan Erik Tiwaz (b). Thus, Borknagar show what they can do best: Capturing the spirit of Black Metal and forge it ... more/mehr



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