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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Bruderschaft Falling (Single)
We don´t review single releases very often here, but this one costs only 1e, and you support a charity project with it...

“Falling” had been released some time ago, as a preview of the full length Bruderschaft album “Return” that just came out in the end of November. A remarkable project supporting cancer charities – ... more/mehr


Brunorock War Maniacs
Once again a Cd from Italy in my player, containing typical 80s Melodic Rock, the style you are familiar with because of all those other bands out there. Brunorock wrapped up pure AOR-Sound where guitars and keyboard have equal roles, which is characteristic for this style, as well as guitar riffs, drums and vocals. Almost every ... more/mehr


Brutal Truth Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide
„Still not loud enough, still not fast enough“. That is the situation which is mentioned in the first seconds of the record and which the New Yorkers want to change. With much speed they immediately begin drumming. On 30 tracks the quartet presents Grindcore in high quality. Sure that with this loads of songs there can hardly be ... more/mehr


Brymir Breathe Fire To The Sun
Finland seems to bring forth an awful lot of Pagan Metal bands recently, as also Brymir can be located somewhere between Ensiferum and Turisas, plus a good dose of classical and Folk music and the epic keyboard/synth sound of a Black Metal band. And for some strange reason I feel occasionally reminded of Blind Guardian, too….

Another ... more/mehr


Buckcherry Confessions
Confessions is already the seventh album of singer Josh Todd and his men, and this time it´s all about one topic: the seven deadly sins. The reason behind the choice of this topic is, as Todd explains, that he wanted to base his songs on the trials and tribulations of his childhood and the transformation to adulthood.

With ... more/mehr



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