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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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BaK Sculpture
An unbelieveable talented project in districts of progressive rock with metal bonds and oriental spices - slightly reminiscent in parts of Orphaned Land - comes not from Arab countries, but from the land of kangaroos, koalas and Lisa Gerard. Especially the last one has indeed always shown her fascination for the oriental sides of ... more/mehr


BaK Painter
Yesterday a shipment from Australia was to pick up in the main customs office in the port of Hamburg. On the cover was written "gift" - what means in German "poison" - that's why the officials were very suspicious while opening the envelope. Of course, no drugs, but a present - the new EP "Painter" of Australian rock band BaK. ... more/mehr


Ballycotton Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit
“Hi BALLYCOTTON“ I want to say. The new record of the guys and the girl from Austria is quite ass-kicking. It is surely not an innovative CD, but in the genre of Folk the album can indeed compete with the "professionals". The brightest moments the album has while the band advances the atmosphere by using more strings. The accordion ... more/mehr


Bambix/Johnnie Rook (Split) 3:15 am
Two bands, the Bambix from the Netherlands and Johnnie Rook from Berlin, Germany resurrect that good old tradition of a ´split album´. Even though both bands have devoted themselves to melodic punk rock, they clearly have their very own styles. The Bambix prefer a more emotional approach to their sounds, while the songs of Johnnie ... more/mehr


Band of Vipers My Half Burnt Heart
That Finns are also capable of playing joyful music has recently been convincingly demonstrated by the Band of Vipers. The band, which consists of the former Iconcrash members Matti Toivonen, Riku Mattila as well as Lassi Toivonen, releases with “My Half Burnt Heart” their debut record. The well-balanced mixture of synth pop and ... more/mehr



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