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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Black Sun Aeon Routa
„It´s well-known that Finnish winters are dark. And that Finland is the origin of many brilliant musicians. And by now you also know that Before The Dawn Mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen is a workaholic.“
Those are the opening lines of my last year´s review of the predecessor of this „Routa“ (Ground Frost) CD, „Darkness Walks Beside ... more/mehr


Black Sun Aeon Blacklight Deliverance
Gotta mention that I´ve been a fan of outputs bearing the Tuomas Saukkonen quality seal for quite a while, and this third Black Sun Aeon CD confirms once again this overall good impression. The basic idea was to mix the massive sound of symphonic  Black Metal, Death/Industrial brutality and the melancholy of Finnish Melodic Rock, ... more/mehr


Black Temple
Wow, what a change in comparison to the band that I saw live at Metal Idiots Festival! Black Temple have indeed developed since the founding year 2005, especially in terms of songwriting and vocals.
Band-Mastermind Tang has worked hard, you can hear that and also the fact that this single was recorded at Finnvox Studio with ... more/mehr


Black Thoughts Bleeding Stomachion
The first album of BLACK THOUGHTS BLEEDING who come from Düchen/Aachen impresses with professional turnout, that’s right. If the guys belong to the “most bustling and most hopeful bands of the German music scene” is anyone’s guess. Anyway: No matter what “Stomachion” has become a good metal album. It reminds me of Last One Dying ... more/mehr


Black Wreath A Pyre of Lost Dreams
Black Wreath was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002 by Kim Larsen – Guitars, Synths, Drums, Vocals, Peter Mesnickow – Vocals, Drums, and Dave Müller – Bass, Electro Harmonix Micro Bass Synth. They share a passion for heavy, depressive, monotonous doom metal, and the fate that the career of this band develops in a similar slow-motion ... more/mehr



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