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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Bobaflex Apologize For Nothing
Nu-metal meets hip hop and melodic rock. It´s typical cross over and nothing about it seems to be really new but this way you haven´t really heard it before. In America that mix proofed to be successful and the guys from West Virginia are a big hit. Also here their heavy but danceable mix will certainly find its supporters. If you ... more/mehr


Bokor Anomia 1
Bokor offer with “Anomia 1” a debut album which is really – just as promised in the band information sheet – hardly put into a genre.

This makes the whole thing not worse, but surely more interesting. Already the opener “Crawl – The Sermons And Dreams Of John Duncan Thunstall” is unbelievably variable. There are melancholic ... more/mehr


Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal
Attention! After almost 4 years the tracks are oiled, the magazine loaded and the war machine from Great Britain rumbles again merciless everything down what stands in their way. And absolutely nothing has changed, besides the change back on the mic. A relentless sound wall with killer riffs and fat rhythm section that do nothing ... more/mehr


Bongzilla Amerijuanican
Psychosomatic. That´s the word! There´s no other way to explain that right after I put the CD on I perceive a slightly sweet odour in my living room. Here a whole whiff of THC-tinged smoke pours out of my speakers. The corresponding background music to it comes from the CD. Deep lava riffs that also could come from Toni Iommi´s plastic ... more/mehr


Boolfight From Zero To One
Honestly: who hears these days something from the field of Indie Rock has heard everything appreciable before, hasn’t he?

Combined with some autonomy and dominating riffs the sauce of Boolfight is complete. The guys come up with 11 songs which groove along, just a little bit inelastic. It is not that the French set a new ... more/mehr



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