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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Billy Idol Devil´s Playground
Who would have thought that curly lip Billy Idol and his guitar man Steve Stevens would bury the hatchet after all these years to record a new album together? And those who believe that the result is just a sorry effort, assembled in a hurry to refill some empty pockets, are entirely wrong. Ideed, the songs, mainly written by Idol ... more/mehr


Biohazard Means To An End
With „Means To An End“ the probably most successful hardcore band say goodbye to the stage. And as is right and proper Biohazard have created another true classic which could even rival „Urban Discipline“. Not for a long time have Biohazard rocked so straight-forward but still so „sophisticated“. Every track kicks some serious ass ... more/mehr


Biters Electric Blood
These guys, hailing from Atlanta, release, with „Electric Blood“, their debut album, full of finest Punk´n´Roll. Even though the band has already been active since 2009, we only now hear of them and I wonder WHY? Their songs hit the nail on the head. Great lyrics and kick-ass songs that just make you want to sing along and headbang. ... more/mehr


Black Blitz Born To Rock
From the first tune on, the trio from Munich Black Blitz rock like hell. Their recipe is not new and has survived 30 years: AC/DC meets with Whitesnake, and track two "Bombshell" has something of ZZ Top. A delight for all leatherfrocks or those born genetically with two wheels for locomotion. Hard Rock`n´roll with well-known ... more/mehr


Black Blitz Louder Than Thunder
Two years after their hot spiced debut the Munich hard rockers have already pushed the next slice in the oven and rock the thing according to the proven recipe: hard, distinctive riffs hit on simple, but all the more effective structures and clear drumlines; in between is caught air in short guitar solos - that sounds vigorously ... more/mehr



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