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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Belasco Transmuting
The trio Belasco from London came together 12 years ago and has left some traces on the planet: four albums, hundreds of concerts, songs for Hollywood movie "Incubus" and the U.S. TV series "One Tree Hill" as well as for the video game "Fifa 2007". Now releases the fifth long-player "Transmuting", where you mention the experience ... more/mehr


Belenos Chants de Bataille
Unfortunately I donīt speak French therefore the lyrics of this Brutal Pagan Dark Metal Band Belenos will remain unknown to me... Adipocere Records release another high quality product with this CD that will appeal to a lot of people. Spheric parts change to double bass. dark parts, the French lyrics fit like the proverbial Jill ... more/mehr


Believer Gabriel
In America there seems to be no lack of bands of different varieties. BELIEVER chose the way of Progressive Thrash Metal and present their new album „Gabriel“. The composition is mostly straight forward, the catchy guitar riffs are supported by soft keyboard sounds.
If you take time, then you will see that the guys did it at ... more/mehr


Below Across the Dark River
Hailing from the epicenter of Doom Metal, Sweden, Below endow us with a very fine piece of Epic Doom Metal. Of course, one first is reminded of Candlemass but after listening a little more closely, you can also hear quite a few other big names of the mid-1980s temperate metal, such as Black Sabbath, King Diamond, and also some Iron ... more/mehr


Benedictum Dominion
Oh, how long have I waited for this album and now itīs finally here. The Americans of Benedictum release their third album Dominion. Frontlady Veronica Freeman is clearly the bandīs trademark and she once again proves that she sings with way more balls than one or the other men in the metal business.

Already at the beginning, ... more/mehr



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