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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Beyond The Dream While the World Sleeps
Dreamily we rub the sleep out of our eyes and off we go to the wonderful world of Symphonic Dark Metal from Beyond The Dream hailing from Jyväskylä, Finland. This former STALKER Fresh Act has now self-released its already third album and thank God in this case symphonic metal doesn´t mean warbling caterwaulers but straight-out-of-hell, ... more/mehr


Beyond the Dream In the Heart of Nothing
Attention, labels – it will be entirely your fault if you let this band slip through your fingers. The land of a thousand lakes has way more to offer than just sentimental goth bands, there are indeed also bands with a bit more substance who have found their niche within the dark industrial gothic genre. Beyond the Dream is one of ... more/mehr


Beyond The Sixth Seal The Resurrection Of Everything Tough
A remarkable output by this trio from Boston, Massachusetts! The opener „Nothing To Prove“ presents already a good mix of melodic Metal, very melodic, and Death growls: Catchy and appealing riffs, cool groove almost like a Stoner band... as if Chris Barnes and Kyuss would have done a cooperation, just listen to „Revelry“.

The ... more/mehr


Beyond Twilight For the Love of Art and the Making
Ambitious, ambitious what BEYOND TWILIGHT have created here. Instead of a "normal" album with a number of songs they created a concept album, similar to an Opera or a Musical, separated into 43 parts. Naturally such an album isn´t quite an easy going lullaby. As a listener you have to deal with "For the Love..." intensively, but ... more/mehr


Bibleblack The Black Swan Epilogue
Thank you for choosing this high quality product. This is what a sticker on the album should say because bibleblack is the new project of none other than Mike Wead alias Mikael Wikström. guitarist of the legendary King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. With “The Black Swan Epilogue” the band now releases its debut album and hits the “swans”eye ... more/mehr



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