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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Bloodspot Embrace The End
Bloodspot from Limburg, Germany have made a name for themselves already. They have played numerous live shows, also in well known venues like the Nachtleben in Frankfurt or the Backstage in Munich; and together with genre stars like Cataract or Six Reasons to Kill. Now they give us their new work, which is at the same time also their ... more/mehr


Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space A Night at the Grand Guignol
Oh my God! What a daft name! Plus the names of the musicians who call themselves Mr Evilize, Reverend Bloodbath and Dr. Schreck (very evil, indeed...). And that´s unfortunately not all because what comes out of the speakers doesn´t sound any better. Standard punk chords combined with weird lyrics about horror and splatter. The whole ... more/mehr


Bloody Mary Blood ´n’ Roll
Ah yes, when Italians attempt to make dark music... Even though some (like Lacuna Coil, Dope Stars Inc.) manage to do it, the attempt of Bloody Mary with the album „Blood `n’ Roll“ isn't entirely successful. It has turned out to be more of a rock album with a couple of songs that sound very metal. There are plenty of sing-along refrains. ... more/mehr


Blue Velvet Rotation
BLUE VELVET´s “Rotation” album is labeled with two beautiful words “industrial metal” and that totally fits the music of these guys. Just in the style of those old, inspiring EBM sounds, they did nine wonderful songs that are full of heartiness and good mood. With songs on a constantly high quality level, all of a sudden, the record ... more/mehr


Bob Malmström Tala Svenska Eller Dö
The yacht club has been rented, the champagne is cold. Everything´s ready for Bob Malmström, who, with their debut album Tala Svenska Eller Dö (Speak Swedish or Die), want to put an end to the anarchistic misery that has prevailed in the punk business for far too long. Thus, they write on the band website, “The band was founded as ... more/mehr



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