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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Benedictum Obey
Two years after releasing their last record, „Dominion“, the California-based band Benedictum is finally back. For a long time, Veronica Freeman and her boys have been big names in the Metal scene and so also record number 4 is destined to be a success. “Obey” is as hard as all previous records and goes from zero to sixty in no time ... more/mehr


Benighted Identisick
Benighted from France perform such skillful rough Brutal Death Core that my ears can hardly follow. The band exists since 1998. They performed live with a variety of bands like Deicide, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Morbid Angel etc. Such a lot of tour activities often result in close friendships with other bands, and those often result ... more/mehr


Bergman Maximum Delirium Overdrive
“Berman” is Swedish composer Lars Bergman, who presents his debut album “Maximum Delirium Overdrive”. The first word that comes to my head when listening to it is “unwieldy”, in a sense that I cannot immediately classify this music. Overall it sounds like Electro Pop to me, but there are lots of other influences. In any case, one ... more/mehr


Bernhard Eder Nonsleeper
An intimate, quiet album for the silent, the thoughtful, for those who, sitting motionless and even sleepless at a table, explore the dark. Some, no, many might find that boring. You must be able to enjoy the reduction in snapshots that are described here in the fifth album by the Viennese Bernhard Eder.

Funky cheerfulness ... more/mehr


Bestial Mockery Slaying The Life
Average Old School Black / Thrash can be found on "Slaying The Life". A bit like old Mayhem stuff, a bit like good old Tom Angelripper - spiced with those classical lyrics dealing with Satan, and this is how you get the new Bestial Mockery output. The guitar player should still have some more lessons, but otherwise "Slaying The Life" ... more/mehr



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