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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Battlelore The Last Alliance
Finally it is here! Yet another immaculate piece from Finnish middle-earth. Battlelore's fifth album comes with an enhanced DVD of their live performance at the famous Female Voices in Belgium, in 2007.

This is an unmissable record. Whole 11 songs, very atmospheric and epic, conceptual as always and very spirtual. You ... more/mehr


Bayside Shudder
Attention please, Fasten your seat belt! Otherwise I cannot guarantee anything, because here is BAYSIDE! And the hurricane of delicate insertions will blow you away, so there is just one thing: Fun, fun and always fun!
Four American go wild and show us on their new album “Shudder” interesting songs like “No One Understands” or ... more/mehr


Beardfish Destined Solitaire
Putting Beardfish in any known category is simply not possible. Every genre appears to be too tight for them. Pop, Rock, Progressive, Jazz, Blues and Heavy Metal: the mixture of all those styles is the sound of this group. That, what looks interesting on the screen, sounds even more interesting in reality. Because of this many famous ... more/mehr


Beatallica Sgt. Hetfield`s Motorbreath Pub Band
What a combination that reached us from the middle West of the US of America. Metallica Riffs and song fragments meet Beatles tunes. The result are song titles like "Blackened in the USSR", "Leper Madonna" or "A Garage Dayz Nite". This is a bit strange to read at first look, the second look, though, reveals a certain charme. The ... more/mehr


Beati Mortui Let the Funeral Begin
Finnish band Beati Mortui, who already got people interested with their debut CD All But Dreams Will Die and their support slot for Das Ich, have released a new album called Let The Funeral Begin. And, to get straight to the point, this album will for sure increase their popularity in the EBM/Gothic scene even more.

Almost ... more/mehr



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