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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Baalphegor Post Earthquake Age
With „Post Earthquake Age“ the Death Metal Band Baalphegor releases their third album. There is not much hesitation, the quintet immediately starts off. With throughout great growls, sharp riffs and much speed the Spanish begin beating through nine striking and well performed tracks. While “Ansphina”, “Filter Of Life” and “Source ... more/mehr


Baby Jane In the Spotlight
Sweden has been recognised, for a long time already, as a breeding ground for first class musicians and bands, like Hardcore Superstar, Crazy Lixx and Sister Sin, who have opened the way for upcoming artists, especially in the Sleaze & Rock section. On the other hand, there is the danger to get overlooked in such abundance of bands. ... more/mehr


Babylon Underground, The Spread the Word
Three friends have found each other again to share their music with the world and so The Babylon Underground release with „Spread the word“ their new album. Genre-wise it can be filed under indie/ alternative, the band itself describes their sound as grunge’n’roll. The album was recorded live and therefore it sometimes sounds a bit ... more/mehr


Babymetal Babymetal
Babymetal – that´s three teenage girls from Japan, who could be the next big thing in their homeland. Babymetal is a phenomenon that wows not only celebs like Kirk Hammet, Slash and Sam Totman and Herman Li (Dragonforce). Babymetal - is this the future of Metal music?!?!

One thing is for sure, Babymetal will polarize the ... more/mehr


Back One Out Helpless
Emo bands often walk on a very thin line between nauseating over-romanticization and reflective observation of life. Back One Out from Italy fall with their already in 2006 recorded debut album “Helpless” rather into the first category and adhere strictly to the tried and tested formula: harmonious dual singing, stereotypical romantic-melancholic ... more/mehr



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