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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Ashes of Pompeii Places
Some new food for the Post-HC/Alternative fans out there. The quartet from Ashes of Pompeii is back with its latest CD „Places“.This is already the 3rd release of the band, yet the band originally from Marburg, but now residing in Cologne, is not well-known so far. Let´s see whether this is going to change with this CD.

The ... more/mehr


Ashura At The Dawn Of Your Deterioration
Damn! Who the hell is Ashura? Those 4 newcomers have made a statement with their debut “At The Dawn Of Your Deterioration”. This clump of music really covers them all. From Death a la Corpse or Morbid Angel to elkdeath and guitarruns like Maiden towards American Power Metal to Teutonic trash and all backwards just to switch from ... more/mehr


Asia The Spirit of the Night - live in Cambridge 09
Already at the beginning of the year, Asia released their album Omega. This new masterpiece is now followed by the live CD/DVD The Spirit of the Night – Live in Cambridge 2009. Here you can see Asia with its original line-up including singer John Wetton, Steve Howe on guitar, Geoffrey Downes on keys and Carl Palmer on drums. The ... more/mehr


ASP Zaubererbruder
The time of release of ``Zaubererbruder`` could not be better: Right now, all German cinemas are showing trailers to the new Krabat movie. At this point of time A.S.P. are releasing a concept album to this stuff. This is what I call timing because Krabat will be uptodate very soon (``Zaubererbruder`` has entered the German charts ... more/mehr


Assassin The Club
After an average reunion show at Wacken I never imagined Assassin would record such a great album. The mighty opening and title track already shows what the deal is: old school German thrash with some Bay Area influences at its best blasts out of the speakers: Tight, intoxicating and technically perfect. The only point of criticism ... more/mehr



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