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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Alogia Secrets Spheres of Art
This power progressive metal band from Serbia understands it very well to challenge both melodically and technically the current famous progressive bands. Although Alogia represents a worth hearing alternative to bands such as Dream Theater because of its eastern sounds, it is still a to straight orientated power metal band. It has ... more/mehr


Aloop Global Crisis
It almost seems like, as if Denmark wasn’t as dead, seen from the metal point of view, as it is often claimed. After Danish neo-trash-metallers Mnemic could already convince last year, their fellow-countrymen from Aloop try to follow their footsteps. And I must say, they manage considerably well. Their modern trash, which sounds ... more/mehr


Alter Bridge Fortress
Two years passed since Alter Bridge released their last album titled „AB III“ – now, their latest album, bearing the name „Fortress“, is out in the stores. This album immediately starts off rocking, with its title track “Fortress”. A melody that sticks to the mind and a nice but partially over-worked vocal performance welcome the ... more/mehr


AlterRed Dollstown
AlterRed from London belong to the Post-Wave movement of our era, meticulously searching for new tonal pathways and thereby putting on massive structures that have emerged in the 80s. And they make it terrific with their new and second album "Dollstown". The effects of Ultra Vox, Aha or Depeche Mode to Duran Duran as a pattern ... more/mehr


Alunah White Hoarhound
Who thought, Black Sabbath was always too light and joyful, but went all the way through the bloody Sabbath and paranoias, even beamed through the 90s universe of Kyuss and later through the doom metal like from My Dying Bride, such a person could find himself right now suddenly overwhelmed by a leaden, white rabbit and fat, nightmare-slow ... more/mehr



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