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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Achenar Super Death Explosion Kittens
YIKES – which instrument should that be? I bet this is the first thing that pops up in your mind listening to the opener „Arise, Minions!“ of this Achenar EP. Keyboard, Synthesizer, extremely distorted guitar or even voice – or is it the feedback of a cellphone, too close to stereo-speakers which is behind those hectical and seemingly ... more/mehr


Acherontas Vamachara
Acherontas have always been mentioned as the most promising band of the New Wave of Greek Black/Occult Metal, were re-invented during 2007 (with members of Acrimonious) and release now their 15-year anniversary album "Vamachara". According to their band info they unite 70’s rock and ritual/psychodelic influences, and it starts pretty ... more/mehr


Acoustic Revolution Finally Folk
The trio consisting of Tom Logan, Germar Thiele and Dennis Hornung published an album that needs no percussions or effects – and they did this for the very first time. Therefore, it can pretty much really be called acoustic. If it is as good as it seems to be on on paper, we will see – or rather: hear.

It all starts off ... more/mehr


Act Noir Automatisme Psychique
The Italians define their style as Psych Dark Rock, and I could not find a better description of their debut “Automatisme Psychique”. This could be something for Goth-Dark Wave fans as well as Ambient ravers... electronic music isn´t quite my thing, and also here it´s like music that just passes by somehow... but really nice to relax, ... more/mehr


Ad Inferna Trance :N: Dance
Welcome to electronique, gothique dance music from France. They kick off with a cover version of “Fade to Grey” from Visage - electric guitars add a portion of industrial hardness, but the base is solid programming which serve fresh electro meat to the dark discotheques community. They sing, whisper and recite mainly in French, nevertheless ... more/mehr



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