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Amagortis Pre-Natal Cannibalism
Amagortis, one of the few Death Metal bands from Switzerland, has a very simple line. They play Death Metal, only Death Metal and nothing else but Death Metal. No influences from other styles, no keyboards or female voices. And they are also not bad in what they are doing. Their second album Pre-Natal Cannibalism is not for the faint-hearted, ... more/mehr


Amatris Before the final Journey
"Amatris", the composer duo Holger Warschkow and Helge Barth, release with "Before the final Journey" their second Gothic-Metal-album. And just like the debut, this CD features many guest musicians. Their skillful music style consists of: 1. tracks with low but clean male and high opera-style female vocals and 2. soft violin parts ... more/mehr


Amberian Dawn River of Tuoni
For some time now, orchestral Metal with female voices are really in. Bands like Nightwish or Within Temptation have really set benchmarks in this genre, which many other bands try to follow. So does the Finnish band Amberian Dawn. The first impression of the starting title track is quite good, but the disillusion comes really fast: ... more/mehr


Amberian Dawn End of Eden
The Finnish band Amberian Dawn doesn`t seem to have a writer`s block. Every year the band that formed in 2006 releases a new album. Already with their debut album River of Tuoni, they managed to snatch a spot on the European tour of Epica and a year later they played at the Metal Female Voices festival. With End of Eden, Amberian ... more/mehr


Amberian Dawn Circus Black
“Circus Black”, the fourth album of Amberian Dawn and successor of „End of Eden“ (2010)l, presents the Finns in their usual genre Symphonic Metal. The cover reminds you strongly of the recently released Nightwish album „Imaginaerum“: the circus tent entrance in its design looks way too similar to their colleagues´ amusement park ... more/mehr



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