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Ana Kefr The Burial Tree (II)
Like the album title already suggests, The Burial Tree (II) is the follow up to the debut „Volume 1“ of the US-American band Ana Kefr. The guys from California have fully devoted themselves to extreme progressive metal; the band info even mentions something like “philosophical metal” – simply meaning, the stuff on The Burial Tree ... more/mehr


Anal Vomit Depravation
Old School Death Metal with influences of Black and Trash, from Peru?
This is something you cannot get hold of every day. In their home
country this band is something like cult, yet in the West Anal Vomit
is pretty unknown, at least still, because now in Europe they have a
release via the Dutch label Displeased Records.

This ... more/mehr


Analena Inconstantinopolis
The band doesn´t like to describe their music with words, and it is indeed difficult to put their sound into a category, it could be Postpunk, Screamo. „Inconstantinopolis“ is the new album from this Croatian band with front lady ANALENA. They prove that they have a good hand for Postpunk and can write convincing songs. Partly the ... more/mehr


Ancient Existence Hate is the Law
It´s pretty Old School what Ancient Existence have booming out of the speakers, but this album "Hate is the Law" is only the second of those four guys. The songs are quite midtempo, but Ancient Existence manage to keep it exciting. A bombastic production empowers all those 13 acoustic demolition instruments even more, therefore this ... more/mehr


Andralls Inner Trauma
These young Brasilians have dedicated themselves completely to thrash metal and in doing so tread in the footsteps of their Brasilian precursor Sepultura. Recently they actually managed to play as support band for Judas Priest on their Brasilian tour. "Inner Trauma" is their third album. As soon as you put the silver disc ... more/mehr



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